Behold, snap I mean there she go! the sprightly traveller
Sister of the gypsie
With most she seems so much to matter
But beneath, her skin betrays a mystery
Of the working of God on the planet below
The Golden ratio, in beautiful code

Its the bloom of her Lotus Flower
The mathematical formula that brings life to power and shapes it around us
Her passion surrounds us

She personifies the unknown from what I can gather
Or at least the misunderstood as you can tell from my chatter
Even though I dont fully understand her
The allure of her presence keeps me enraptured
As the sun captured in endless sayagata

I keep her safe from the rain
From the glaciers of Galician mountains
And deep sleet in elysian plains
While all the while I learn the wiles of gypsie blood that fills her veins.

Eyes deep as the earth, connected to both poles as the mother is
From my own she goes to build shelters
To leave the concrete and feel the beach.
As I speak I hear her heart beat.

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