Fireside (How Was Your 15 Minutes?)

No. All the things you thought were true.

They have disappeared to a fine ash.

No one knows how long the flame burns,

They just know it was, a long time ago,

A sooty hard coal.

Brittle and cool to the touch.

Plenipotent, trapped in graphene plates

Till the time to shine is long since late

Bringing together all the years it’s had to wait.

Deep in the ground, fusing together

All the things that lived and died above you,

came to join you, the weight of years pressed pieces together.

Until you were discovered.

Unearthed from the mother.

Gathered with your fellows.

But it’s your lucky day!

You get fed to the fireplace.

For 15 minutes you get to show your worth

Millennia of work, poured out in one burst.

The coals in symphony with one another

Their hands are in the air, light gold and red fingers,

Struck through with so much blues,

Giving its very soul to another,

In the fire.

Warm and pretty,

Conjured again when the fans are ready.

But a coal has one flame, none is left

It’s dead grey ashes cast aside for the next.

Your soul burned hot, your flames retired.

Make way for more coals on the fire.

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