Thalia & Melpomene

Call up the hard as coal thoughts from the blackest parts of yourself,

Fill it with bits of wikipedia-gained wisdom, handed like jewels to the crown Chakra of one persona,

Till it gives off its own fierce aroma,

A putrid stench when you claim it’s from your tongue.

Fiercer than a summer sun,

On garbage heaps like towers built,

Till layered conscience lies like silt.

To know oneself is to know the world,

For oneself is it’s only pearl.

So keep the faith appearance made,

When pressed will crumble, unlike jade

Whose lustre lives till men are old,

The jewel inside will make one bold.

Enough to conquer detritus,

That builds up in the best of us,

And worse; whose stories travelled far,

And returned as cold as buried stars.

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